”I am an artist, not by choice but, Desire.  Brainstorms flourishing my mind most often, and creativity the release.  Curiosity leads me to study everything  from physics to metaphysics.  Constantly researching and trying to evolve my work and myself,.. living my passion, The Arts.”      deBRANNE

deBRANNE is an American artist committed to artistic integrity.  An advocate of “art for Art’s sake,”  deBranne established `atoutZ to support and promote multi-talented artists and rebuke artistic compromise for commercial purposes.  Her studies include Kendall College of Art & Design in Grand Rapids, Michigan; The Royal College of Art & Design in London, England;  and Academia di Belle Arte in Perguia, Italy.  A Renaissance perspective inspires deBranne to extend her professional work beyond her meiter as a painter.  She has released a swim line (Avante Swim) and produces couture clothing.  An architectural, furniture, jewelry, and set designer.  Occasionally, a photographer and writer, just to name a few.  This broad perspective also inspires her to encourage other artists to pursue an artistic life consistent with their creative interests--however diverse--as well as their creative integrity.  Above all, she values art that is genuine and from the heart.  To that end, deBranne is committed to “doing what I want, when I want, and how I want” artistically.  She encourages all to do the same and live by their creative desires.  deBranne currently resides in the Hollywood Hills of Los Angeles, California.  Her favorite hobby is dancing.


“In the beginning was Desire…"

deBRANNE  Treu 

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